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Along the Pan-American Highway, 18km from San Cristóbal de las Casas, the community of Navenchauc, a jurisdiction of Zinacantan, lies in the depths of a valley surrounded by limestone reliefs. Its houses, vegetable gardens and greenhouses share the landscape with a plain that fills into a lagoon due to high rainfall for the most part of the year and poor drainage in this karst valley.

From here, head towards to San Cristóbal to take the highway to Zinacantán, a Tzotzil town, 10 kilometers from the city. Along the way, you will pass Esquipulas, a beautiful example of rural architecture found in the Highlands. It was here that the 1869 truce of the Chiapanecan Caste War was signed. Go along the foothills of Huitepec, which has been made an ecological reserve with trails to appreciate the flora and fauna of the template regions of Chiapas.

In Zinacantán, the sacred spaces are marked by the hills that surround this small valley, the San Lorenzo church, of colonial origin but remodeled in the beginning of the century according to Neo-Classical San Cristobál style, and the chapels of Esquipulas y San Sebastián.

The Ik’alojov museum, located inside a traditional house made of straw and mud, showcases the richness of the culture of Zinacantán. There are many displays of costumes, furniture, musical instruments and other utensils.

There is a great display of colorful artisanal products in this valley whose landscape is dotted with flower nurseries and gardens. Flowers are an important part of not only the economy in Zinacantán but also in its rituals.