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Lagunas de Montebello

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The lakes are located 53 kilometers from Comitán. They are made up of 59 lakes characterized by their beautiful and varied hues, polychromatic colors that present a wide spectrum of colors from deep blue to emerald green. Their natural beauty is extraordinary as they are surrounded by exuberant flora where famous orchids flourish – a perfect place for an unforgettable visit.

Bosque Azul
There are several caves of impressive beauty in this area. Hiring a guide is recommended to navigate this area safely.

Guides and trucks for a tour of the lakes can be hired here. Head towards the Restaurante Bosque Azul for more information. A tour costs approximately 350 pesos and includes a tour of 12 lakes and a guide.

From here, head back to the information booth and turn left. You will now enter the Montebello region where you can do water activities. Keep going and you will come to 5 Lagos where there are three lakes, Yashan, La Cañada (one of the best) and Perol. From here, head back to Pojoj Lake then Tziscao Lake, one of the largest lakes in the area which also borders Guatemala. Almost all the lakes have a raft service to take a tour around the lakes.

The Montebello Lakes National Park was founded in 1959, the first of its kind in the state of Chiapas. The region used to be an old hacienda which extended over a large land area and was then divided into several estates.

Together with over 59 lakes and lagoons, a land surface covering 7,000 hectares of pine and oak forest and jungle share this space with a great variety of orchids, ferns and a diversity of fauna. This splendid panorama by no means should be missed when you visit Chiapas.

The lakes are a chain of ancient cenotes which over time were formed due to rock erosion.

Montebello is one of the most beautiful lake regions in all of Mexico and owes its fame of the different hues of its waters to various factors such as type of lakebed, vegetation and the reflection of sunlight, which transform the colors from pale blue to violet, emerald and turquoise.

Hence, when you admire some of the 50 over lakes and lagoons that exist in this area, it is easy to appreciate how bountiful and generous nature has been to our state. Rain and varying calcium content have given each lake its characteristic shape, size and depth, such as La Laguna Encantada, Esmeralda, Tinta, Ensueño, Perol, La Cañada, San Lorenzo, Bosque Azul, Montebello, Pojol, Tzizcao among others.

You can also make a visit to the Puente de Dios caves which have a 40-meter high arch. At its edges, you find an archeological zone called Chinkultic. It has a template climate which makes is suitable for camping and swimming, except in the rainy season between May and October. Fauna found in this area include quetzals, tayras, oncilla, red brocket deer and migratory birds.

Getting here
From Tuxtla Gutiérrez, state capital of Chiapas, to which you can get by air or land, take the highway that leads to Comitán de Domínguez. 12km onwards from this city, towards Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, you will find the highway that leads directly to the Montebello Lakes.