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Biosphere Reserve. El Aguacero waterfall is a beautiful fall that drops between irregularly cut rock faces. It spills down intensely, crashing into the pool below creating an immense mist.

The landscape is spectacular as the water runs off from various layers of mossy rock and vegetation. The view is accentuated by presence of the rocky but imposing walls of the Rio de La Venta Canyon.

El Aguacero is a great option for hiking, and observing flora and fauna of the state of Chiapas.

The center of ecotourism offers facilities such as a restaurant, camping areas, showers, stairs, an alternative trail to visit the waterfall and two observation platforms with the view of the Rio de La Venta Canyon.

This place is considered a natural park. It has a series of caves; the most important being El Encanto which has an underground river.

The weather ranges between warm and humid to hot and humid depending on which part you are. The raining season is between June and October, and the hottest months are May and June.