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Chincultik Zona Arqueológica

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Chinkultic Archaeological Zone is characterized by its architecture which had been specially adapted to the topography of the land.

The site is divided into four architectural groups: Group A is the highest and dominates the overview of the archeological site. Due to its elevation, it is called “El Mirador” and the Acropolis makes up most of this group.

The highlight of Group B is the large Plaza Hundida (Sunken Plaza). The ball court is located in Group C and Group D features a great pyramidal base and the Plataforma de Las Lajas, named after the great stone slabs measuring 2.6 x 0.4 meters that form this structure. They are one of the biggest known construction blocks in all of Mesoamerica.

This site has also been recently studied from the perspective of the scenic spaces that seem to feature in big enclosed plazas of several Classical archeological sites; in Chinkultic, this can be observed in the Sunken Plaza.

Chinkultic is also one of the important Mayan sites in the low-lying regions of Mesoamerica to collapse together with several other sites in the region in the end of the Early Classical period. Hence, it is interesting to note the presence of Plumbate Tohil ceramic, widely distributed in Mesoamerica, mainly in Tolteca-influenced areas. Chronology: 50BC to 1200 AC. Location in main chronology: Late Classical, 750 to 900AC.