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Cascadas El Chiflón

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Water is abundant all over Chiapas, but its rivers, lakes and springs have very distinct personalities, none the same and each one having its specific colors. If color and hues are the only things we recall of a place, Chiflon is no exception – it is of opaque green, a great beauty. Follow the trails and enjoy the landscape of the surrounding jungle.

Listen to the waterfall and admire its deep pools of limestone which were formed by the slow persistence of its moving waters. Once you get to the last viewpoint, let the gentle mist envelope you while the Velo de Novia, measuring over 180 meters, the highest in this area, towers over.

Getting to this point is a small challenge; it is over 1km on foot along the San Vicente river which dominates the landscape with its turquoise waters. However, Chiflon is more than its walking trails – there are also mountain bike trails, an artificial climbing wall, a children’s playground and for thrill-seekers, a two-stop zipline which crosses right in front of the Velo de Novia, making it a one-of-its-kind in Latin America.

In Chiflon, which is located half an hour from Comitán de Domínguez or two hours and a half from Tuxtla Gutiérrez, you will find cabins, camping areas, a restaurant, a café, barbeque pits, bathrooms, a parking lot and handicraft stalls.

Chiflon Waterfalls is the place for maximum waterfall adventure in Chiapas, an eco-tourism center equipped with distinctive and varied facilities to make your stay unforgettable. It is a bathing spot with surprise after surprise that await you; as you go higher, the waterfalls become increasingly more beautiful and impressive. Once you get to the highest waterfall, called Velo de Novia, be prepared for strong gushes of air caused by the crashing of the falling water from the mountains into the pools, as the winds swirl around your body and your face as a well-deserved refreshment after a sweaty climb up.

A trip to the Chiflon waterfalls is a real eco-tourism adventure in the highland jungles of Chiapas. Along a 1200-meter winding path, you will see three beautiful waterfalls, each withholding a peculiar magic. The last waterfall is called Velo de Novia, one of the most impressive waterfalls in Chiapas. It is over 120 meters high and an observation platform lets visitors admire the falls from less than 40 meters away.

Cascada Suspiro/Breath Waterfall: Small but not any less beautiful, it is surrounded by highland jungle vegetation. The waterfall marks the beginning of a great adventure. This waterfall falls into a pool about 40 meters in diameter where one can admire its beautiful colors of turquoise green in a multitude of hues.

Cascada Ala de Angel/Angel Wing Waterfalls: This lovely waterfall reflects its peaceful and tranquil surroundings. Here you can make your first stop under the shade of the rich vegetation of the region and enjoy the sounds of the thousands of birds that inhabit this impressive tourist destination.

Cascade Velo de Novia/Bride’s Veil Waterfalls: An impressive waterfall of 120 meters is the main attraction of Chiflon. From the observation platform, you will be rewarded with a unique view of this region, refreshed by the powerful mists of this great tourist attraction.

The trail from beginning to end measures 1200 meters in distance and consists of a gradual elevation of 420 meters. Your final destination is an observation platform about half the height of the waterfalls and 30 meters away from it, allowing for an impactful and unique experience.

Located about 30 minutes from Comitán de Domínguez in the municipal of Tzimol, one can get here via the Comitán-Tzimol federal highway. The Cascada Suspiro and Ala de Angel waterfalls are apt for swimming. Swimming is prohibited in the highest waterfall, Velo de Novia, due to the strong and violent current.

There is an alternative trail that leads to several archeological ruins where cave paintings have been found. Chiflon is a great place to walk through the jungle and be one with nature, take pictures, swim and enjoy the diverse local dishes on offer. Chiflon Waterfalls awaits you to experience maximum adventure.