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Welcome to Chiapas

From the coast of the pacific one up to his rural and steep saws, spending imposing canyons, bottomless forests, volcanoes, plains and earth to seed; Chiapas reflects an image of nobility, of virtuosity, a multiplicity of sceneries and destinations, which distinguish it as the wonderful, only and outstanding State in the multicolored mosaic of the Mexican ground.

In Chiapas the options offered by nature tourism are varied, from lodging in rustic cabins in the jungle, to complete packaged sailing expeditions on kayak’s and rafts, or penetrating into the bowels of the earth exploring caves and basements. Chiapas is attractive to the tourist looking to connect with nature and the indigenous people of this land. Expressing absolute respect to the natural and cultural environment of the sites visited.

Cascada Misol-Ha

Travellers know that the state of Chiapas is a never-ending source of natural landscapes, historical footprints and undeniably...

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Bonampak is located in the Lacandon jungle of Chiapas, in the valley of the river Lacanhá. It covers an area over four...

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Cascada el Chiflón

Water is abundant all over Chiapas, but its rivers, lakes and springs have very distinct personalities, none the same...

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This archeological site is named after the community of Santo Domingo of Palenque, founded possibly in the 17th century...

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Comitan de Domínguez

Strolling through the streets of Comitán is like returning to a time full of color while inhaling the sweet fragrance...

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Lagos de Montebello

The lakes are located 53 kilometers from Comitán. They are made up of 59 lakes characterized by their beautiful and varied hues...

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Tours and Expeditions

The most spectacular sceneries of this side of the world. Magnificent waterfalls, lakes of varied tonalities and deep rivers, they adorn the field. His tourist natural attractions are majestic and diverse: from notable traces of the Mayan world up to impressive sceneries, lakes and waterfalls. Chiapas is a very beautiful postcard from any side that looks at him for him.


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